All Pooped Out

I have an absolutely irrational fear. Far more frightful than my fear of popular success.

Luckily this ultimate fear of mine has a zero chance of happening. It still keeps me up at night though. I am totally terrified, even speaking about it makes me cringe, that somehow, someway something I say or do will make the world a better place, if only a little.

If I Can Make The World Even A Little Better I Will Have Failed Greatly

A lot of misguided spouters of shit bitch about things and lie to themselves and others that they are doing so in the hopes of making a positive change in the world. Or creating this mythical “awareness” bullshit, panacea. They hope others will see the enlightment in their ideas and arguments, be persuaded that their way is the right way and society will hop on their idea and change the way they live to better align with their utopia.

Not me.

I bitch about things that are retarded in the world not for the world’s benefit but for my entertainment. It would god damn kill me if people actually listened, decided I was right, implemented the change and the world became a better place. Jesus, I am getting a little skittish entertaining that irrational idea.

I don’t really want blogs to end, or people to stop putting up roadside crosses, or child abuse to end or world hunger to be solved or creationists to embrace evolution or pompous fucks full of themselves to stop being pompous fucks full of themselves. I genuinely love the way the world is—its ills and idiots make me happy.

If everyone saw life my way and stopped being such dumbasses, I would have to stop bitching about it. And like most people, the thing I love most is bitching about shit. Change the world to how I think it should be and all I will have left to bitch about is how I don’t have anything to bitch about.

And god damn it, don’t put that past me, I am hypocrite enough bitch about that even.

I love seeing people wallow in their own crap, then getting to point at them and laugh. I would hate absolutely hate to have those people look up, go, ‘Jesus Christ, that guy mocking me is right. I am wallowing in my own crap. I better make some changes in my life’.

That would absolutely kill me.

Right after it astonished me.

Luckily that’s just a pipe dream. I mean, people not only disbelieve in evolution, some are adamantly against those who say it is real. Certain people you can present with a mountain of evidence have the ghost of Christmas future take them 20 years down the road to confirm what you are trying to tell them and the motherfuckers will still not change their mind nor lifestyle.

And I love them for that. People who can be shown that they are absolutely wrong and still refuse to accept it make my life worth living. People are not rational and it’s irrational to treat them as such.

Knowing that is really my own saving grace. Everytime I hear some do-gooder dumbfuck talk about if their actions/message could only get one person to do something how happy they would be and their endeavor would be a success, it makes me get a boner and want to shit.

If I could reach out…blah blah blah…just help one person…blah blah blah…make it all worthwile…blah blah blah…and a brighter future for all…blah blah blah

What fucks.

If my ideas, actions and words only get through to one person and they change their life accordingly, well I will be really, really really fucking amazed. And then crushed.

So, remember, keep on blogging, keeping killing each other over warm beer, keep putting up roadside memorials, keep on keeping on to the next internet fad and keep doing all the stupid unthinking shit you do in your lives because the world is here to entertain me.

Kiss my rosy red black ass,

Jason Curless

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