Will Shit For Cash

I am looking to sellout my plog like a junkie pimp with 3 pre-teen daughters on laundry day. Make me an offer. Cut me a check. Paypal me some Euros. For the right amount you can do whatever the fuck you want in this section of my site.

Fuck, I am not even above redirecting the whole site for a day or a week to your site. If it’s probably legal and not too immoral, I’m game. I am looking to sell this piece of shit section out. Make me an offer.

Maybe you’re a dumbfuck small start-up owner trying to reach that coveted 18-30 year old dipshit male market. Perhaps you’re the Executive Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Self-Felching and want to ‘reinvent’ your corporate image to be ‘hip’, ‘groovy’, ‘far out’ and more appealing to the Fonzi-crazed youth of today. Possibly, your just some friendless, whackjob loser who wants to get out your rambling manifesto to the world.

I don’t give a bucket of soupy turds who or what you are. If you have money and are willing to give me some in exchange for me doing something with my plog, I am all ears.

I have no conscious with this area. No hangup about being a complete bitch sell out. Unlike a lot of the posts on this plog, on this page, I shit you not. I am for real. Make me an offer.

If god intended us to have foreplay, then why did he invent KY Jelly?