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Memorial For Reba

What a (foreshadowing pun alert...) ground breaking memorial. On this site I have roadside crosses for people not in car accidents, roadside stars of david, roadside crosses for people they've never confirmed are dead, memorials for no one in particular and now an honest to god roadside grave.

Reba is actually buried there. As Kyung Roo, my Korean dormmate, would say: I am not shitting on you.

In January 2009, Reba was found dead in Swope Park in Kansas City, MO. She died from exposure and foul play was suspected (being tranquailized somehow). She had lived at the park for a few years and was a friend to all. Since the park was her home, a city worker and the woman who made sure Reba didn't go hungry, buried her there.

Now, I know what you are thinking: "Jason, while it might not be against the law to dump their corpses there, it certaintly can't be legal to actually bury hookers in Kansas City parks, can it?". And you're right. Now I'm not saying Reba was or wasn't a prostitute (who knows what she would do for $5 and some properly placed peanut butter (more foreshadowing)), but I do know burial laws don't apply to her...

...Reba wasn't human. She was another first for this site: Reba was a free range German Shepard.

As Kyung Roo would say: Yummy.

I'm not above apologizing for any errors I have made. However, I'm also not above wishing AIDS and gang rape on you and your family if you incorrectly assert I've made errors. Email me at jason@porkjerky.com to point out any errors I have made. Just be certain I've made errors.