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Abortion Is Murder
(but that doesn't mean it's bad)


What About The Good Abortion Does
(a roadside lesson in logic)

1st off: I agree. Abortion is murder. Life begins at conception. Don't eat the yellow snow. For good head call Christy. The cost of an abortion is 1 human life. Whatever bumper sticker cliche you want to spout: I truly agree. But...

2nd and foremost, is that so wrong? So abortion ends a life, big deal. I mean, the death rate is 100%. You gotta die from something. What do those cold-hearted abortion abolotionists want infants to die from? S.I.D.S.? Child abuse? Unattended pool drowning? Outlet electrocution? Suffocation from being forgotten in a car seat? Or maybe being thrown from a car because they aren't in a car seat? Those sick fucking anti-abortionist, child-endangering bastards. By wanting all children to be born they are actually putting more children in harm's way by exposing them to all those perils. Aborted babies never die from being shaken because they won't stop crying. Aborted babies never overdose on the meth you left out. Aborted babies never have to experience any of those horrible things. But those demented, baby jeopardizing, abortion hating pricks actually want them to have that chance. What kind of sick fucking satisfaction do they get out of making more babies vulnerable to dog maulings?

3rd and just as importantly, who's to say we aren't aborting the next Hitler, Dracula or Brynn Hartman? Don't let their cuteness fool you, while some babies do grow up to be saints, not all do. It's a simple mathematical mapping really. For every Mother Teresa there has been in the world, there has been a corresponding Charles Manson. For every Princess Diana there has been a Jeffery Dahmer. For every dumbass getting his picture taken while laughing at roadside crosses there is one well-intentioned person building an abortion cemetery. For every Jesus Christ/Mohammed there has been one Mohammed/Jesus Christ. Overall, who gives a fucking shit? It all averages out. At worst, we are doing just as much good as we are bad with each abortion, so let the medical waste fly.

4th and most scary, and the reason I want abortion to remain legal: What do abortion opponents do the day after abortion is outlawed? These fucks have a lot of determination, will, resources, organization and psychotic ideas. I mean where do these anti-abortion psychos focus their energies after they accomplish ending abortion? These people harrass politicians, doctors, patients, and anyone else they think can further their cause. These people hound young women walking into clinics for their annual exams. These people went to Cape Giradeau, Missouri and built a fucking intricate graveyard for no one in particular.

For fuck's sake, these people have rationalized commiting murder to further their cause of stopping murder. Protesting abortion is their inner city midnight basketball: Abortion gives them somewhere to go, something to do, provides them with an outlet for their energies. Take that away by actually ending abortion and where do they turn? What do they focus on the day after they win? Be thankful for abortion and be scared to lose it.

I'm surprised no one has thought of your excellent idea before. Sending a profanity filled email to jason@porkjerky.com wishing death upon me will definitely change my holocaustal ways.