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Don't Take My Word For It.
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Marvin McDonald III
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Memorial For Marvin McDonald III

To renew your driver's license in the state of Kansas, The Department Of Revenue (yeah you read that right, "Revenue" not "Motor Vehicles") sends you a booklet and a written driving test. You use the booklet to complete the test and bring it with you to the nearest Revenue office. There it is graded and you are given an eye test. Pass them both and you have succesfully reproven your ability to operate a 3 ton machine that is capable of moving at 120 miles per hour and killing Kansas Department Of Transportation workers. There is no need to demonstrate motor skills or a sufficient reaction time or show that your Parkinson's won't cause you to swerve off the road and into someone picking up litter on the side of the road.

Now that's not fair a implication. Let me say that to my knowledge the person that killed Marvin Scott McDonald III did not have Parkinson's. I do not want to insuate that in any way. For all I know, the 74 year old lady who swerved off the road, barrelled into a KDOT truck, and then killed McDonald may have been liquored up. So, please, do not take that Parkinson's reference in the first paragraph as a fact. Possibly the old cunt was narcoleptic or had a stroke or maybe she was speedballing Ecstasy and Ensure.

The point I want to make is that just because a 74 year old woman drove her car off the road and into a road worker in a bright orange vest is not because she had Parkinson's. There is a very real possiblity that age had nothing to do with it and she was just another shitty driver to begin with.

Have your attorney use jason@porkjerky.com when making good on your threats to sue me for being an asshole. Of course, the same guy who handled your back child support and DUI cases probably isn't the best representation in this civil matter.