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Memorial For Cheryl Pate

After you read so many stories of some assfuck crossing the median and taking out an unsuspecting family, it kinda loses its oomph. Like beating off while asphyiating yourself with a gasoline soaked rag. After the 16th time the sparkle's gone. While still enjoyable, its not really as fun as the 1st through 15th times were. But then, you find an old Atari joystick and shove that up your ass while you're crucifying your messiah and its christmas all over again.

Well, Darrel Tran is the Atari ass dildo of shitty drivers, he made median crossing deaths enjoyable for me again. From the story I found: On 7/28/2001, just before 7 am, Darrel Tran crosses the median and takes out the car Cheryl M. Pate is riding in with her family. But thats just the start. While she is the only fatality of the day, the ensuing traffic jam yields at least 3 more accidents because of copycat shitty drivers who are too busy gawking at the carnage to see the cars in front of them.

So, in essence, although Darrel Tran crashed into just one car when he crossed the median, he paved the way for banging up at least 6 cars and sending a total of 17 to the hospital.

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