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R.I.P.->Immortalizing Todd Ryan With Garbage

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Memorial For Todd Ryan

Todd Ryan:
Shitty Driving Jew Pioneer? Or Shitty-Driving Blasphemer?

At a quick glance you would think that this memorial is just a star of david--a nice change of pace from all those dead psuedo-christians. Upon closer inspection you see that Todd Ryan hedged his religious bets. That white strip in the middle is actually the vertical part of a cross. At the top of the star his name runs horizontally, which completes it.

So, Todd Ryan didn't want to piss of god, nor his son, if he has one. If only he could have somehow included Mohhamed, Buddha and David Koresh in there--then he would've been a shoe in for heaven. Or at least the next comet off this hell hole planet.

I am one misspelling filled hate mail away from repenting, apologizing and giving my life over to christ. Send yours to jason@porkjerky.com. I am sure it will be the one.