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You Make The Asshole Call

After my niece's recent tragic death at the hands of a careless and possibly drunk driver, I've become acutely more sensitive to what the families of these roadside memorial victims go through and have starting reconsidering what I've done by putting up these memorials. I'm not to the point yet of taking this portion of my site down entirely, but for this cross, while I'd normally be confident in shitting on Waylon Greene's mother for his death, my new found empathy won't allow me to.

Nah, I'm just fucking with you. Maybe about my niece's death. Probably about me gaining empathy. Totally about reconsidering what I'm doing with roadside memorials. If my niece did/does die that way, or at all, it would only strengthen my resolve to be a perplexing asshole, make me even more jadeder and increase my use of words and phrases that make pedantic, grammararian fuck-for-brains queasy.

With that said, as much as I believe that Waylon's mom is the person most culpable for his death, there's an ever so slight shadow of doubt that's keeping me from actually calling her a huge piece of shit. So instead of coming right out and saying that, I'll just present to you what I found for Waylon's death and let you arrive at that judgement of her yourselves.

I found 3 news stories about this accident, here's what every one agrees on: At 6:30 am 11/17/2011 Waylon's mom swerved on the interstate, lost of control of her SUV, rolled it and Waylon died. This news story reports that a cop said Waylon wasn't wearing his seatbelt, another news account reported that he was and a third said they didn't know. Then Goldilocks got into the last bed and decided to...wait wrong story. Fuck you Kansas City news stations, get your shit together.

Witnesses say that she just lost control as she came to a traffic back-up. She says that another car cut in front of her and put on its brakes. That car has never been seen again, nor could I find anyone but Waylon's mother saying that it existed in the first place.

One last thing before you turn in your verdict on Waylon's mother: On 4/25/2011 Waylon's father, who isn't married to Waylon's mother, filed a wrongful death suit (Go to Missour Casenet and search case 1216-CV09791) against her and an auto insurance company. It doesn't mention who he thought she wrongfully caused the death of. So, when making your judgement of her being a huge piece of shit or not, take all of this into consideration and realize that this lawsuit may not be about Waylon's death, it could be for any of the deaths Waylon's mom has been a party to.

Wow, I have gone soft.

I know what you are thinking and you couldn't be more right. Someone needs to e-mail me at jason@porkjerky.com and tell me how little my dick is and how horribly I need to die.