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Memorial For Dustin Thomas

This shrine of a utility pole goes to show that not every cross memorializing a punk teenager who violently bled to death at an intersection is there because of shitty driving. Or even a car accident. It's refreshing to find out that some people still die in good ole fashioned mob violence by having their throat slit with a garden weasel.

Shit you? Not I my good friend, not I. During a rolling brawl that involved dozens, Vermonn T. Roberts used a garden tool to give Dustin L. Thomas a Nicole Simpson necklace.

Now, I don't want this site to turn into a public service announcement, but with all this sensless and humorous violence going on in the world I feel it is my duty to remind everyone of something profound that a very wise man once said:

"I like the Whopper, fuck the Big Mac"

He may not have bee internationally known, but those words ring just as true today as when they rocked their first microphone.

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