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Memorial For Ryan Beckman

There are people who are destined to die in a certain way, like Peter Johnson on Hwy 69. Then there are people like Ryan Beckman here who take fate and their life into their own hands and drive themselves off the road in a single car accident at 2 in the morning. A lot of the crosses I find either don't have any story I can find or have a sad one detailing how a drunk driver killed them or was taken out by some sleepy fuck who crossed the median. Mr. Beckman here, isn't the case.

His is a refreshing tale of a young man who killed himself, and only himself, thru shitty driving. That's what my project is truly about. I like making fun of plastic crap and shitty crosses on the road no matter the story behind them. But when the story is about a "tragedy" caused by the driver himself just being a shitty driver and not taking anyone with him, well, thats better than chocolate covered boobs.

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