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Memorial For Clark Waldram

The story of Clark Waldram is a sad one. But the picture, to use a biblical phrase, "cracks me the fuck up". Holy drunk drivers that's a good picture. Its' the photographical equivalent of Peter Johnson Dying on Highway 69. It seems so easy you think it was made up. But that billboard was really there, 50 feet from Clark's cross.

Perhaps it is there because of Clark, if so, that just makes the whole thing that much funnier. For 1, its too fucking late. For 2, buckling up a life jacket wont protect you in an automobile accident. For 3, the billboard itself looks like it won a 1st grade art contest on safety. And finally, even seat belts won't protect you from alcholics driving head into your motorcycle at 60 mph. Its a medical fact.

I know what you are thinking and you couldn't be more right. Someone needs to e-mail me at jason@porkjerky.com and tell me how little my dick is and how horribly I need to die.