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Memorial For Tammy Holiday

Talk about, senseless deaths for no reason. When it comes to dying doing something utterly meaningless, Tammy Holiday's takes the cake.

I've seen lots of memorials for people doing some really frivolous things in my time: The guy walking alongside the highway at midnight on his way to QuikTrip, the passenger of a car in a street race, that dumb bitch arguing with her boyfriend in the highway's median; I shit you not, I even found one for a dude taking pictures of roadside memorials. Dumbass.

So many people have pointlessly pissed their lives away doing things that ultimately don't matter. Then there's Tammy Holiday. If she had instead died while helping to enslave 3rd world children into sweat shops and/or the sex trade or even help harvest their organs, that would have been a more noble pursuit than what she was doing--commuiting to her job at a Mississippi elementary school after dropping her kids off at a Mississippi middle school.

On 4/17/2010 in Walls, Mississippi, Tammy Holiday had just dropped her kids off at school and was heading to another where she worked when her Explorer flipped several times after being struck by 2 girls on their way to high school. Compared to participating in the Mississippi education system, Hot'nTasty sandwiches, drag racing, telling you're boyfriend off as cars zoom by and especially taking pictures of crosses, are all noble, endeavors definitely worth risking your life for.

Now this isn't just a hackneyed lets-shit-on-the-Mississippi-school-system-because-it-seems-stereotypically-funny bit. It's a hackneyed lets-shit-on-the-Mississippi-school-system-because-it-seems-stereotypically-funny bit that I decided to see if I could back up with facts. And I can:

More than 1 out of every 3 students who starts high school in Mississippi will not graduate in 4 years. As of 2007 Mississippi ranks 48th out of 50 states in graduation rates of incoming freshmen. Who could have ever known that a state that had to have their own national guard used to allow black students to attend one of their institutions would have such a shitty system?

If only Tammy Holiday's life had been taken while she did something her family could be proud of. Like an asphixation sex game that got out of hand or in an explosion as she made meth in her basement and not squandered on something so pointless as the Mississippi education system.

You're 100% right--Violence solves a lot of problems. Of course its best to first threaten and graphically explain said violence. Use jason@porkjerky.com to start the process on me.