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R.I.P.->Immortalizing Jimmie Ferguson With Litter

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Memorial For Jimmie Ferguson

If you have a death wish, own a motorcycle and want to get on this site; then play the odds and drive like an idiot to zip code 64053. An affinity for drinking and speeding aren't necessary, but can't hurt. This memorial makes the 3rd one I've found in this delipadated, postal defined area of Independence for guys who ate it while playing Easy Rider.

The one above is for Jimmie Ferguson's and is about a 1/2 mile southeast of Clark Waldram's cross and a mile west of Kevin Shields' memorial. Like Kevin, Jimmie was the only one involved in his accident. Like Clark, Jimmie's was an 'alcohol-related fatality' (what a glorious term. Check out Clark's page on my site to be disgusted by what 'alcohol-related fatality' truly means). Probably.

I can't say for certain. I can just quote the article I found for Ferguson's death where the cops suspected that alcohol was a factor in Jimmie's accident. How is it that the police can immediately know to 5 significant digits the alcohol content of your blood by just using your breath on a machine all cruisers carry? However once you die, especially if its in the middle of the night and only you are involved in the crash, the cops don't give a rancid shit about finding out if you had one too many. Why is that?

Oh, that's right, they don't make any money ticketing corpses. If they did Shittypendence, MO (now that's how you fucking portmanteau) would have a few more bucks to wipe clean its 64053 butthole.

I'm surprised no one has thought of your excellent idea before. Sending a profanity filled email to jason@porkjerky.com wishing death upon me will definitely change my holocaustal ways.