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R.I.P.->Commemorating Sara McGaha & Jay Wetzel With Trash

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Sara McGaha & Jay Wetzel
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Memorial For Sara McGaha & Jay Wetzel

Well, at least Sara Nicole McGaha and Jay Wetzel died while doing something they loved: Not being in Nebraska or North Dakota.

On their way back to Soutwest Baptist University from meeting each other's parents over Christmas break, Wetzel and McGaha died in a 24 car, 10 fatality wreck in Platte City, MO. Two 18-wheelers jack-knifed, one was carrying some sort of hazardous waste, possibly hydrochloric acid. A fire started almost immediately which got so hot it actually welded car frames together. Some victims were so charred and compacted that they were not retrieved until 18 hours afterwards.

I thought my sister had it bad when she had to face my mom's wrath when she flunked out of community college. Turns out that's nothing compared to being smited out of christian college.

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