May Cause Early Onset Of Menopause (especially in men)

R.I.P.->Eulogizing Jimmy With Garbage

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Memorial For Jimmy

What a bunch of salivating dogs we are. Action-->thoughtless reaction. Action-->thoughtless reaction. Its a god damn reflex. Car crash-->construct a shitty memorial. We are a nation of cross buidling robots. Action-->thoughtless reaction. I think people can't not do it.

What the fuck did humanity turn to for guidance before cliches were cliche and traditions were tradition? Its like the part of the brain that handles involuntary functions is switched on whenever a loved one dies by a roadway: Time to build and/or buy a fucking crosses. No need to really personalize it other than putting their name on it with fabricated lettering. All you need to do is paint the cocksucer white, beat it into the ground where you think they died, then return home and await further instructions on how to live life by turning on the television.

Again, all hate mail goes to jason@porkjerky.com and as you write, keep telling yourself that your opinion counts and that you can make a difference.