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Lori McAdams
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Memorial For Lori McAdams

This is interesting, what a formal cross. Not just plain "McAdams". Not even the generic "Ms. McAdams". It had to be "Mrs. McAdams". And the interesting ends there.

After about a month of searching for something on this cross with nothing to go on but the city it was in and "Mrs. McAdams", I finally found the story. And it's pretty god damn dissappointing. I cached the article if you want to waste your time reading it.

Basically, Lori McAdams was pronounced dead at the hospital after she was Life Flighted from the scene of a 3 car accident. That's it. While a 3 car accident screams "shitty driving murderer", I have no one to blame. No gory details. No court case information. Just a shitty cross with an equally crappy story.

So, If you or someone you love is Lori McAdams murderer or victim, please write me at jason@porkjerky.com and get the appropriate pity (blame) that you (your loved one) deserve(s).

Send hate mail, death threats and proof of your illiteracy to jason@porkjerky.com. Remember, 'Fuck you.' is a complete sentence; 'You infected ass-polyp' is just a fragment.