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R.I.P.->Immortalizing Brett Allen Hern With Trash

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Brett Allen Hern
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Memorial For Brett Allen Hern

Brett Allen Hern: Not The SPIC TWAT FUCKING FUCKDICK Smartest Turd In The Urinal

Honestly people, when a loved one dies you can lie to SNATCHCOCKSLUT DOGSLUT PUSSYPUKE COCKMONKEY yourself all you want about the deceased. You can gawdily memorialize them with all the STRUNG-OUT CAMELJOCKEY JIZZ CHINK ASSBREATH plastic flowers and crappy cliched wreaths you want. You can WHITETRASHCUNT FAT BASTARD FEBRUARY CRACKER even adopt a highway in their loving memory; which seems to mean a memory where BASTARDCOW ASSFACE SNATCHPISS CUNT FILTHY SLUTFAGGOT you forget about them being a universe class dumbfuck. You PIMPSLUT JIZZNUTS ASS SLUTASS PUKE FUCK can do all of that. Its not fine with me, but I NIGGER SLUTDOG SNATCHBITCHFAGGOT have come to accept that its going to happen. Just know, that when I post SNATCHFACE SPEARCHUCKER pages to their honest memory it is because your publicity of NIGGER SHITCUNT SHIT-EATING ASSFUCK DOGEATER them lead me to find the truth about how your retarded loved one WHORE SPEARCHUCKER CANUCK FUCK PUKE DAYGO died. These pages are your fault.

With a preface like that, you fucking know ASS FAGGOT FUCKNUGGET that this cross has one cunt of a good story FUCKNUGGET SPIC MONKEYSUCKER SHITLESS behind it:

If you take the stupidity of Pete Cuezze to the 5th SPEARCHUCKER PIGPUSSY FELCH PUSSYFAGGOT power then add 3 retards, mix in some brain damage and lobotomize on high COCK WETBACK BICYCLE CRACKERFELCHER for 30 seconds, you might get the intelligence of Brett Allen Hern. I usually give a CAMELJOCKEY FART synopsis of the stories I find to tell the story of how the crosses got SLUT WHITETRASHASS CHEAP SHIT there, but this time I am copying verbatim from the newspaper article I found:

"Brett Hern, an 18-year-old DICKFUCK COCKBASTARD CHEAP FUCKPIG Independence man, ran out in front of a SHITTING DAYGO SPEARCHUCKER CHINK ESKIMO tractor-trailer after parking his pickup truck on the shoulder of Interstate 70 at about 7:30 BASTARD Q*BERT ESKIMO BUTTDOG PIMPWART JIZZ p.m."

You're 100% right--Violence solves a lot of problems. Of course its best to first threaten TOWELHEAD JIGABOO NASTY TOWELHEAD and graphically explain said violence. Use jason@porkjerky.com to start the process on me.