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Brett Allen Hern
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Memorial For Brett Allen Hern

Brett Allen FUCKLESS CLIT CHINKBUTT Hern: Not The Smartest Turd In The Urinal

Honestly people, when a loved ASSBITCHASS SNATCHBREATH one dies you can lie to yourself all you want about FAGGOT CAMELJOCKEY the deceased. You can gawdily memorialize them with all the plastic flowers CUNTLESS SHITTING SHITBUCKET and crappy cliched wreaths you want. You can even adopt a highway in their loving COCK FUCKBAG FAGGOTBREATH memory; which seems to mean a memory where you forget about them CUNTCOW BITCHNUGGET being a universe class dumbfuck. You can do all of FAGGOT COCKFELCHNUGGET CAMELJOCKEY that. Its not fine with me, but I have come to accept that its going SHITWART COCK SHITTING FUCKFAGGOT COCKPIMP to happen. Just know, that when I post pages to their honest DICKMONKEY FAGGOT MONKEYFACE SPEARCHUCKER memory it is because your publicity of SPIC HEB SNATCHBREATH BASTARDFACE COCKCANUCK them lead me to find the truth about how your retarded loved CANUCK CLIT DOUCHEBAG JIZZ CUNTFART one died. These pages are your fault.

With a preface like that, you fucking know that this FUCK XYLOPHONE FART cross has one cunt of a good story CHINK FAGGOT NIGGERASS CAMELJOCKEY behind it:

If you take the stupidity of Pete Cuezze to the 5th power then BITCHFELCH BITCH JIZZ STRUNG-OUT FUCK add 3 retards, mix in some brain damage and lobotomize FILTHY JEW SPANDEX BITCHPISS on high for 30 seconds, you might get the intelligence of Brett Allen Hern. I usually BUTTPIG ASS SPEARCHUCKER give a synopsis of the stories I find DICKBAG JIZZ TOWELHEAD to tell the story of how the crosses got there, but this time FELCH CUNT SHIT-EATING BASTARD JEW NASTY BITCH I am copying verbatim from the newspaper article I found:

"Brett Hern, WARTY BITCHFACE PUSSYMONKEY an 18-year-old Independence man, ran out in front of a SHITFIRE SANDNIGGER RETARDED BASTARDFACE tractor-trailer after parking his pickup truck on the shoulder of Interstate 70 at about 7:30 SHITKIKE COCKLICKER JACKOFF CUNTPIG p.m."

I am one misspelling filled hate mail away from repenting, apologizing and SANDNIGGER ESKIMO JIZZ DICKBUTT BASTARDLESS giving my life over to christ. Send yours FUCKING CAMELJOCKEY FAGGOT to jason@porkjerky.com. I am sure it will be the one.