Not The Smartest Turd In The Urinal

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Memorial For Jeff

Fucking awesome. This just might be the best cross ever. What I am thinking, and hoping, is that this is one of those times where someone does something so wrong for so many reasons, so horrible, so stupid that they couldn't have possibly done it seriously. They are actually doing it for just that reason: To be wrong, horrible and stupid, because that's what people have come to expect.

For example, when someone pulls out a cigarette and asks "got a a light?", I immediately say "my face and your ass...oh yeah, you walked right into that one buddy". Its so not right, so stupid, wrong for so many reasons, that its funny because its so wrong. I hope that that is what this crossmaker was doing. It had to be.

Honestly that cross is fucking awesome. I think they actually made it there, just minutes after the wreck. They wrote his name in pencil. How fucking cool is that? This cross was probably done and up even before 911 was dialed. Not only was Jeff's body not cold before the cross went into the ground, I bet Jeff even had a faint pulse and was only beginning to cough up blood.

Fucking awesome. A+

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