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R.I.P.->Memorializing Keisha & Taneisha With Shit

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Memorial For Keisha & Taneisha

At first glance this cross looks just typically shitty, but when you think for a second, it raises so many questions. Like, if Keisha and Taneisha were sisters, what made their parents think Taneisha looked more like a Taneisha than Keisha did? If they weren't sisters, what are the odds of 2 girls dying in the same accident both having names that rhyme with "Propecia"? And is that suppose to be a dramatic pause between "We" and "Love + Miss"? Is that even the word "Miss"? Also, why is the word "and" represented horizontally as "&", but verticaly it turns into "+"? Do Keisha & Taneisha love + miss someone, or are other people doing the loving and missing? Also, why are the fucking pinwheels facing perpendicular to the cross? Which god damn way is this clump of crap facing?

Finally, the most obvious question, the one that first popped into all of our minds: How much of my own feces would I have to use in sculpting a replica of this memorial?

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