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Memorial For Dad/Wilson

This is the saddest memorial and crosses yet. There was nothing original about them. It was as if making this memorial was a burden that they had to do. Putting up crap on the side of the road to memorialize someone has come to be obligatory and, now, a chore. I think they actually bought both of the crosses just as they appear in the pic--there is nothing that individualizes them. The left one came straight from the plastic florist with a wire thing that you stick in the ground. No fuss no muss. The right cross itself was so flawless that it looked manufactured.

Only 2 words appeared on the entire memorial--'Dad' and 'Wilson'. Yeah, thats it. No, 'I love you', 'I miss you', 'Fuck off And Tell Satan, Hi'. Nothing. Just 'Dad' and 'Wilson' in leftover mailbox lettering. No picture of the people who miss him, no favorite poem beside it. Then in perfect uncreativeness they wrapped 6 inches of garland with an american flag sticking thru it on the manufactured cross.

You can't even shit now-a-days without turning around and seeing a turd with an american flag sticking out of it. Fuck the towers; faux, hackneyed, half-assed psuedo-patriotism is the worst thing that happened because of September 11. The only thing worse than doing everything everyone else is doing, is doing it so horribly.

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