The Best Thing Since Sliced Pussy

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Memorial For A Harrison Countian

It ain't heaven, but some folks are just dying to get into Harrison County. Holy fuck turds that's funny. Oh shit, I am the pinnacle of hilarity. Ha, ha, oh fuck. I kill me. Nobody can take old lumps of coal jokes and craft them into comedic diamonds like me. Sweet Mother Mary's holy cunt I am witty. '...dying to get into Harrison County', god damn that's good. Lumpy balls of crap that is priceless.

Expect to see that ripped off on Leno sometime soon. 'Dying to get into Harrison County'. Delicious rough anal sex, I'm funny.

Have your attorney use jason@porkjerky.com when making good on your threats to sue me for being an asshole. Of course, the same guy who handled your back child support and DUI cases probably isn't the best representation in this civil matter.