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Memorial For A True Jesus Lover

I know I don't have much pull with the church, but I think the logo for christianity (that idea always brings a smile to my face) should have a make over. Two plain, perpendiculary intersecting line segments--that is so last millenium. We have photoshop now and synthetic wreath making capabilities and color printing and motherfucking tiki torches.

Let's add some fucking flair for christ's sake (Get that? It was more than a toss-away, hackneyed blasphemous idiom, in the literal sense of 'figuratively', I meant 'for the sake of Christ'.)

Don't get me wrong--Jesus died on a cross and all that jazz. I respect that. But he also liked to pull some wine and fish out of thin air, hang out with some hookers and party like a mofo. Now light those fucking torches, put on a pink wreath lei, crank the Amy Grant up to 11 and lets get down tonight.

I'm not above apologizing for any errors I have made. However, I'm also not above wishing AIDS and gang rape on you and your family if you incorrectly assert I've made errors. Email me at jason@porkjerky.com to point out any errors I have made. Just be certain I've made errors.