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Memorial For Unknown Idiot

I swear I'm in front of a roadside cross. I'm not so neurotic that I stop and take a snapshot in front of every wayward plastic flower bouquet, discarded pinwheel and randomly placed wreath hoping to fool you into thinking I'm in front of a roadside memorial. My hand on the Koran--there's an honest to goodness cross behind me--its got 2 perpendicular boards and everything.

You see the vertical one right? I know, it blends into that stop sign, but just to the left of my left arm there's a 6 foot piece of wood. Then almost at the height of my shoulders and right in the middle of that gray car's passenger window is the horizontal board. Now there wasn't a name so I can't produce a story to back up my claim, but I swear to John Wilkes Booth that's a cross.

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