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Memorial For Unknown Idiot

I swear I'm in front of a roadside cross. I'm not so neurotic that I stop and take a snapshot in front of every wayward plastic flower bouquet, discarded pinwheel and randomly placed wreath hoping to fool you into thinking I'm in front of a roadside memorial. My hand on the Koran--there's an honest to goodness cross behind me--its got 2 perpendicular boards and everything.

You see the vertical one right? I know, it blends into that stop sign, but just to the left of my left arm there's a 6 foot piece of wood. Then almost at the height of my shoulders and right in the middle of that gray car's passenger window is the horizontal board. Now there wasn't a name so I can't produce a story to back up my claim, but I swear to John Wilkes Booth that's a cross.

Have your attorney use jason@porkjerky.com when making good on your threats to sue me for being an asshole. Of course, the same guy who handled your back child support and DUI cases probably isn't the best representation in this civil matter.