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No. Fuck you. Fuck you hard. Fuck you Terry Wayne Cross. You are worse than a drunk driver in my book.

Drunk drivers are said to have their decision making abilities 'impaired'. They can't make smart choices like they normally would because they are drunk. I can respect that. They are dumbfucks, but dumbfucks with potential--they can sober up. Terry Wayne Cross however, was at the height of his decision making ability. Dickmouth had nothing to blame his dumbfuckedness on.

It can't be stated enough: Fuck You Terry Wayne Cross.

At 4 a.m. on 2/15/2007 Terry Cross's car (with which he had been having problems the last couple of days) stalled in the middle of 4 lane Highway 61 in Walls, MS. Along comes a noble driver and makes the world a little safer for the rest of us by knocking the piece of shit car and its piece of shit occupant 40 yards where it/they burst into flames.

Good god damn riddance. Dumb motherfuckers like Terry Cross are the most dangerous drivers on the road. You don't just stop your car in the middle of a highway and expect others to avoid you at 4 in the morning. Or 4 in the afternoon for that matter. Fuck you. Plus, cars don't just stop unless you make them do that. Even stalled cars have momentum. Shitbreath could have moved his idiot ass off to the side of the road by coasting.

No, fuck you. Fuck all of you Terry Wayne Crosses of the world. You dumb motherfuckers need to realize the potential for destruction of 2 tons of metal travelling at 65 mph. You don't even want to pull off onto the shoulder of a highway unless its absoultely necessary. But if that and sitting in the middle of the road in the dark are your only two options, don't be a dumbfuck.

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