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Zachary & Jacob Lannom
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Memorial For Zachary & Jacob Lannom

Get ready for your rectum to start gagging: This story starts on 4/17/2007 at the intersection of Goodman and Airway in South Haven, MS. Zachary and Jacob Lannom were in an eastbound Buick that was stopped for a red light. Along comes Larry Setzer's pick'em up truck and rear ends them all the way across the intersection and into the westbound cars that had stopped for the same red light. Larry's truck flips over and slides across the intersection as well.

Guess who had been Xanaxing*, who survived the crash and who was finally arrested over 6 months later for DUI/manslaughter? That's right, Larry Setzer. Here's the bonus questions. Guess who was pulled over by the Horn Lake police less than 1/2 an hour before this crash? Did you guess Larry Setzer again? Good job.

Yeah, 1/2 an hour before the wreck, the cops had him. I, nor anyone else knows the details of that traffic stop, because as the article says 'Horn Lake Police Chief Darryl Whaley has declined to discuss any details concerning that traffic stop, contending that it is part of a criminal investigation.' I'm sure he's just protecting justice and not his nor his officers' asses.

*9/20/2011 Update:     Like oh so many crosses on my site, I received an email from a relative of the deceased telling me I was incorrect in what I wrote. Unlike oh so many crosses on my site, they provided sources to back up their claim and never mentioned how promiscous my mother was, nor how tiny my penis must be. Obviously I was dumbfounded. So dumbfounded in fact, I'm actually noting my correction of my previous account of what happened.

According to the .pdf of a Mississippi Supreme Court Decision they referenced (pay attention people who say I don't know the whole story but don't give my anything to verify your account of how your loved ones died--that's a pretty good god damn source), Larry Setzer was not drinking the day he manslaughtered the Lannom boys. The cops administered a breathalyzer at the scene of the accident and he blew a triple 0. Later at the hospital, and this is the point of contention of his appeal to the MS Supreme Court, he consented to a blood test. This is how they found out he was over the legal limit for Xanax. So, he was still driving under the influence, it just wasn't alcohol as I had initially posted. Hopefully my error hasn't irrevocably harmed the good reputation of Larry Setzer.

I'm not above apologizing for any errors I have made. However, I'm also not above wishing AIDS and gang rape on you and your family if you incorrectly assert I've made errors. Email me at jason@porkjerky.com to point out any errors I have made. Just be certain I've made errors.