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R.I.P.->Immortalizing Unknown Mississippian With Garbage

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Unknown Mississippian
Walls, MS
Memorial For Unknown Mississippian

I found this cross just as the sun was setting, casting a long, golden hue, a sort of a beacon from heaven, upon this cross and the nearby debris in the ditched they shared. The shadow of the memorial arced across the entire road acting as a sort of bridge to an unknown destination. A truly apt metaphor. As the cars and billboards were turning on their lights to aid that beautiful dusk light, I caught a whiff of those pungent plastic flowers atop the memorial, saw the moldy yet beautiful picture lashed to it and was inspired to poetry:

There once was a horrible driver from Nantucket.
Who saw a cow on the side of the road in Walls, MS and wanted to fuck it.
She screeched to a stop.
But her tires went 'pop'.
Man she loved rubbing alcohol, but maybe that last one, she shouldn't have drunk it.

God's speed my good lady. God's speed.

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