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R.I.P.->Immortalizing Somebody's Brother, Dad, Husband & Son With Trash

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Somebody's Brother, Dad, Husband & Son
Omaha, NE
Memorial For Somebody's Brother, Dad, Husband & Son

At first this cross scared me bonerless, because that cross exactly describes my brother. Improbably, he too is a dad, a son, a brother and a husband. Add to it his propensity for automobile accidents (True fucking story, he should be dead at least twice over and at best be an octopalegic. And when one finally does him in I will be sure to post a link here), and the only logical conclusion I could make was that memorial was for him.

I immediately called him just to make sure that he was still alive and I wasn't entitled to a larger share of the famed Curless riches. Thank the good lord above, I don't have to fill out the long tax form this year because he has never lost a bet to a big tittied girl and had to go to Omaha. Amazingly, it turns out that someone else in this world is, or was, a dad, a son, a brother and a husband and was done in by shitty driving.

Still the coincidences are eerily similar.

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