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R.I.P.->Commemorating Jon & Teresa With Shit

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Memorial For Jon & Teresa

I can't find a story to confirm this, but I think the people who, and I quote, "We love you Jon" were guilted into putting up a cross for this Teresa lady. Look at the pic for a second and you will see she got the shit end of the crucifix: a fourth the flowers of Jon, a smaller cross, her name wasn't spray painted onto the guard rail like Jon's (very classy touch by the way), and no message of love, just stats--she was 34.

So that makes me think either Teresa was divorced from Jon's father who thought her a cunt, or she was pulling a Mrs. Robinson and Jon couldn't handle getting sucked off as he drove. Or both, it was in Calwood, MO after all.

I'm surprised no one has thought of your excellent idea before. Sending a profanity filled email to jason@porkjerky.com wishing death upon me will definitely change my holocaustal ways.