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Memorial For Chrissy

I don't know what type of car he has or when he drives it, but someone seems to think that the almighty travels I-470 East and likes his ass kissed.

Also, it seems, they think god can only read capital letters. For the love of cunt, when did the world turn against the lower case? Chrissy may forgive you for forgetting to take the caps lock off. I on the other hand will kick you in the nuts, tell you it shouldn't have been on in the first place and break your shift-key fingers as a reminder.

It reminds me of this fat bitch at the grocery store who wanted the clerk to check in back to see if they had any Crisco in cannisters that had the cherry pie picture on front because the ones with the fried chicken picture weren't as good. You pretentious cocksuckers, they are the same fucking thing. Capitalization isn't going to magically make your crappy cliched drivel into intelligent, creative poetry. Especially if that message is on the back of a realtor's "For Sale" sign in front of a drainage ditch with a beer bottle leaning on its base.

Dumb motherfuckers.

I'm not above apologizing for any errors I have made. However, I'm also not above wishing AIDS and gang rape on you and your family if you incorrectly assert I've made errors. Email me at jason@porkjerky.com to point out any errors I have made. Just be certain I've made errors.