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Memorial For Rebecca Vanderpool

First, this is just uncanny. Two memorials on my site in a row for people who died at 4 am on Sundays? On 3/7/2010, 15 year old Rebecca Vanderpool and "several other" (excellent reporting job KC Star) people wrecked in Kansas City, Kansas (Yeah, dipfuck, there are two of them. Learn some geography.). Everyone else got minor injuries and Rebecca died.

Second, take a deep breath and jump back from those conclusions. Let me allay your fears--the big tittied chick who takes my pictures is alive, well and as big tittied as ever. I was just alone (which is how many of you believe I live and more hopefully believe that I will die) and took this picture my self which explains the shitty point of view, angle, lighting and subject matter. The main point is that my photobitch neither died, nor got any self-respect and dump me.

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