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Not to show too much of my age, but the first TV remote I used wasn't wireless, to me 'regular gasoline' refers to something no longer legal, the first porno I beat off to had chicks with hair on their cunts, and when I got my driver's license there were 2 Germanies. So, pardon my old-man ignorance when I ask this, but how'd they do that?

It looks like they printed his name directly onto the cross. Kodachrome me impressed.

For 5 minutes I stood by and marveled at that cocksucker. It wasn't done by stencil. It couldn't have been just done by hand. It wasn't one huge transparent sticker. They must have sent that whole board through some sort of printer. Shitty roadside memorial technology is growing by leaps and bounds.

And unlike leaded gasoline, shitty roadside memorial making won't ever become obsolete. Even when motorcycles start running on solar power, hydrogen, farts or flux compacitors, there will always be shitty drivers like Chad M. Taylor running them off the road into road signs and killing themselves in the wee hours of the morning necessitating whatever technology the future brings us to make roadside crosses.

And as long as I have flash bulbs for my Polaroid, I will be there getting my picture taken.

I'm surprised no one has thought of your excellent idea before. Sending a profanity filled email to jason@porkjerky.com wishing death upon me will definitely change my holocaustal ways.