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How fucking disrespectful can you be? Here I am busting my balls trying to shit on the memory of peoples' loved ones and along come two random fucks who simply take pictures of crosses and upload them to flickr. No well-researched back story. No biting commentary. No altruistic purpose.

Oh sure, you can find a picture of Nancy Waller's memorial on John and Keturah's photostream on flickr. They definitely beat me to her cross by a few months and give a vague location of it. But that's all those half-asses did.

Where's the wit? Where's the supporting reference material? Where's the narcissistic self-deprecation? Where's the insightfully profound social commentary? Where's the redheaded retard waving like a yokel?

Only on porkjerky.com that's where. To them, roadside crosses are just like arranged fruit, sunsets and old barns--they're simple subjects of trite photographs. To them there is no story; the image is a geometrical point--no beginning, no end, no heighth, no length and definitely no depth. What they saw is what you get. Push the button on that camera, upload and they're done.

You'd never know that Nancy Waller died on 10/26/2004 in Boonevill, MO. Oh, you'd see the cross, but you'd have no clue that the whole reason it existed was because she crossed the median and ate it under an 18 wheeler. You can forget about finding a link to the article which supports those claims too. And don't even get me started on the absence of a bloated faggot who looks like he just beat off into that wreath in their attempt to chronicle Nancy Waller's memorial.

Now that's the narcissistic self-deprecation you've come to expect with your cross pics.

Yes, please do what you are thinking about doing. The address is jason@porkjerky.com. I can't have a 'Hate Mail From Dumbfucks' page without help from people like you.