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R.I.P.->Honoring Brendan Hulett And Lynn Plummer With Litter

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Brendan Hulett And Lynn Plummer
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Memorial For Brendan Hulett And Lynn Plummer

If this site has taught you anything its that after hearing a few things about how a memorial came to be, you can confidently pick out from all those involved in the accident who died. Suppose I told you that this memorial is for the victims of a car accident where one car (Car #1) whose occupants were wearing seatbelts, left the road, over-corrected, started to spin around into oncoming traffic and got smashed by a second car (Car #2) in which no one was wearing a seat belt. Which car holds the corpses?

No seat-belts, they didn't cross the median--definitely Car #2--you're betting the house on everyone in Car #2 becoming coffin filler. Actually you probably couldn't place that bet. It would be like a 1990 Mike Tyson fight; Vegas would pull it from the board and not even accept bets its such an enormous favorite.

And you'd be wrong. God got this one right.

Here's the story; on April 7, 2008 Brendan Hulett was driving with Lynn Plummer when he left the road, over corrected and smashed into oncoming traffic. Both Hulett and Plummer had seatbelts on, neither of the occupants in the other car did. So despite all prior evidence indicating that the seatbeltless good drivers should have died at the hands of the seat belt wearing shittyily driving vehicle, that's not the case.

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