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Don't Take My Word For It.
Here Are My Sources For
Stephanie Anne Gray
Cached Obituary
Memorial For Stephanie Anne Gray

Now here's a story of a newspaper I divorced a long time ago--that shitty rag The Kansas City Star. If your a business and need a press release inserted into a paper as an article, the Star is your rag. If you want to know half about a story and then have no one ever follow up on it, read the Star. If you know a person's name, date of birth, date of death and exact location of the accident that killed them but only want an obituary and not even 2 sentences worth of a story, the Star will not dissappoint you.

I know everything except the bitch's driver license number, but all I found for Stephanie Anne Gray was an obituary telling of a tragic wreck that she was involved in.

KC Star, may your death be as quick, unreported and shittily memorialized as Stephanie's.

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