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Memorial For Caleb Bishop

This is how shitty my high school was: The band had the most championship banners hanging up in our gym. So, let me tell you, I know what loser band geeks with misinflated egos are like. Not cool. Oh sure daddy can buy you a Camaro, and you can have your pick of the hottiest fatty in school to take to the prom. But please, you're still a band loser and traffic laws still apply to you.

Just because you're in the drum orchestra, just because you have a boss ride, just because you're Caleb Bishop and just because your racing to play in some shitty production of 'Meet Me In St. Louis', doesn't mean you can veer into oncoming traffic.

Don't even get me started on those fucking pi memorizing pieces of shit nerds or the Track and Field faggots.

As openly a callous prick that I am, it amazes me that people still overestimate my ability to care or think that I value their opinions. Prove me right at jason@porkjerky.com.