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I had a great 8th grade Social Studies teacher. I still remember the unconventional, yet effective way he taught me about the U.S. electoral process. He had me go to the broom closet, get undressed, he came in, lubed me up with mop water, broke a load off in my ass, used my underwear to wipe us both off, threatened to kill me if I ever told anyone and concluded the civics lesson with '...and that's how the democratic process of voting works in America'.

Complete and submit the above form and you will be presented with a letter addressed to the official in charge of voting in your state. Beneath it will be a variety of options for actually sending it in. No fucking shit. It worked for me.

* Poop, fart and hackneyed political jokes aside, this really fucking works.
Where I am from, other than making it a bitch to finish junior high, the worst part of being pregnant has got to be cutting back to just one pack a day.