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Dear Delilah;

My wife, Sonja and I would like to thank you for the years of E's--entertainment, education, enlightenment, and enjoyment--(get it e's=ease) that you and your show have brought into our lives. You always bring a smile to our day whenever we have you on, no matter how bad of a day we have had. And it seems that everyday of the last six weeks have been bad days. I won't bore you with all the hardships we have faced. Let me just say that even though they say Latin is a dead language it sure seems like it has risen from the grave to haunt us through all the terrible medical terms and legal jargon we have had to endure. This year has been filled with disaster after disaster.

Even though I am correct for feeling this way, I also know I shouldn't, but a small part of me blames Sonja for all that has happened. But I have accepted that whatever she causes, we both go through and get through together. And for the most part we have. We have sorted out all the problems with medical and legal ramification of her actions, but now the personal ones are tearing at the fabric that holds our relationship together.

You see Delilah, Sonja, like many 40-something wives who have been married for 2 decades became bored with, well, our sex live to be frank. Without my knowledge she had affairs and other sexual experimentation that, from the details she has told me, would rival any pornographic film in the most disgusting of adult shops. I am convinced there is nothing sexually that she has not tried, and tried repeatedly. Your wildest scenario? She has done it. Something repulsive that you heard the office tramps do? Well my wife could top that story. Illegal acts? Yes, my wife has done them too. Now I am just rehashing the anger, and I will stop. Sorry.

That's all background information. All of that and many other problems we have worked out. All but one. And this one is tearing us apart, and I fear towards divorce. The catalyst for my finding out about her disgusting sexual escapades was when I walked in on her performing one. The most heart-wrenching thing I have ever seen. I saw the woman I had been married to performing fellatio. I wish that had been the worst part, but when we made eye contact she smirked and continued the act to its completion all the while I was there in shock, bawling my eyes out and trembling like a ball of Jell-O, and she knew it.

Maybe if It was just some guy she met off the internet that she was satisfying it would have been easy to work out just like the other problems, but it wasn't. If it was her boss, if it was the mailman, or the neighbor, it too would have been all right in the end, but I just cant get over this, over what she did that day so callously as I watched. She was actually more turned on while watching me see her do this. That hurt, and hurt terribly. I have started to forgive her for this and I know that eventually I will be able to let it go completely. The crux of the problem is whom she performed fellatio on.

We got Buddy on our 7th anniversary as a two-day-old puppy after we found out my sperm count was low from my training for the 1980 Olympics (damn that Jimmy Carter), and so was the chance of our conceiving a child together. And now every time I look at the golden retriever who was in many ways our child and whom I once loved so much I just break down. If only it was a stray dog, or the cat, maybe that too would have been ok, but not our Buddy.

Unfortunately My wife loves Buddy as much as I do, although she has promised to no longer do so physically. Our problem is that my wife adamantly refuses to send buddy to the pound or let me have him put to sleep. I just cant live with that dog anymore. I can live with my wife and love her again, but not with that constant reminder licking my face whenever I come home wanting to play fetch. We can put everything behind us, but this. We have been through so much just to let the ownership of a canine get in the way.

I have given so much, in accepting and forgiving her. Please tell her that I am not being unreasonable in my request. And to let me have Buddy destroyed, so that our marriage won't be.


Eslo J Crassun

If you've never had heat stroke, dehydration or a trip to the emergency room you really need to reevaluate your life's decisions.