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Dear Delilah,

I am in the middle of a life crisis, so like any smart person, I turn to you. Ha ha. But seriously, I really respect you and your decision making, so here goes. I grew up in a small farm town in where everyone, myself included; had good, solid, traditional values. We worked hard, left our front doors unlocked, listened to your great show, we all knew and liked each other in the community, and men fell in love with and married women.

Here and now that's not the case. Since I started college and moved to the big fast city nothing is like it was, and I am getting scared. Scared of the people around me, and scared of the person that I am becoming. For one, everyone has locks, chains, and at least one deadbolt on all their doors and windows, and no one dares get to know each other. For two, decadence is the rule not the exception here. Morals and values do not exist. For three, no one falls in love, nor marries anymore. They all just want to have meaningless sex with anyone and everyone, even the men with the men (now I know why they say 'as american as apple pie' (it's a sex reference--and not the good kind, if you know what I mean). And for four, and probably the worst of all (ha ha), I don't even listen to your show as often as I should. But seriously, I just recently turned you on again, because your show gives me comfort and hopefully guidance.

My real problem is not that I am stuck here between 2 hard places, Sodom and Gomorra. The problem is that I am being assimilated into this crass culture. I know I have become more lazy, paranoid, and terse since moving here. And although it hasn't manifest itself into physical acts, I believe homosexuality is already setting in, and as we all know, then will come pedophilia and heavy drug use. May god have mercy on my soul.

Delilah, can these deviant immoral surroundings cause me to become one of them? Or even worse, are these urges that I feel toward my fellow man, and I do mean man, be caused by my DNA? Am I destined to be with men no matter where I go because of some defective genes inside me and these surroundings just triggered my natural deviance? I knew I shouldn't have bought irradiated meat.

Should I return to my hometown a failure and hope that I can unshackle these unnatural feelings? Or is it too late should I just stay here and allow myself to become the unemployed, paranoid, doped-up, boy loving monster that is my genetic destiny?


Enslo S Jacurs

Atheism wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for all the atheists who were so religious about it.