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Dear Delyla,

August 24th will be my wife and mine 5th anniversary of meeting. While I am embarrassed to some degree about how we meet, I am extremely grateful for the circumstances that allowed our lives to cross paths.

We found each other in the waiting room of Dr. Carson Juless, a STD M.D. She had climidia and I, oral herpes. In the waiting room she was as easy and free to talk with as the many women I infected were to sleep with.

I asked her out , and that night over dinner we saw something in each other that neither of us had ever seen in another. Right then and there we committed solely to each other. And for the longest time in our adult lives abstained from sex until we had cleansed our bodies for each other. And even though we aren't the best each other has ever had, sex is more fulfilling now than it ever was.

I just wanted to write this to tell her how much I love her and always want to be with her. And to show you and your audience that everyone can change with love, and some penicillin.


Ross J Sloance

Just once I want a news report about the hundreds of thousands of us who accidentlessly drive home drunk every night.