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Dear Delila:

Yesterday my wife confessed to me that she dated and, (ugh) slept with a black man. I knew she had been with one other man besides me and had begun to forgive her for that. I just never dreamed that to ask if it was a colored.

I could handle her sleeping with 100 guys, even being a big porn star, but no, not this. We live in a small Midwest town and when this gets out, as everything does around her we will be shamed out of our community. I am already thinking of leaving her and this town before this embarrassment gets out.

I can no longer bring myself to look in her eyes, much less touch her in any way, sexual or otherwise. I heave when I think about how she let that damn dirty nigger touch her. I know, I know that was years ago and jigaboos aren't that bad, and I took a vow for better and worse and all that other crap about equality, but could you accept it if it was your sister, or even your husband who had down something like this?

Not me. I don?t think I can go on living and being with someone who is as a coon lover and is as dirty as she is. Will you please give me some advice that can help me, and not just spout some equality politically correct crap about how I should not be a racist. Because I am not going to change, and I just need some real applicable advice on how to handle this situation.

Could you please play 'Hey, Joe', by Jimmy Hendricks?

Uless J Carson

Puns make the baby jesus feign laughter.