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Dearest Delilah,

Last night, my husband of 28 years asked me to have perverted s_ _ (it rhymes with hex) with him. I have been perfectly happy performing my normal wifely duties for him all of these years, but now I am worried. First he bought me some naughty underwear that I just took back and scolded him for. This time though, his request scared me. For one, men were just meant to be on top, and two, what if this doesn't satisfy him?

What if he needs more than that? I am afraid if I don't indulge him he will go to a hooker to satisfy his sick desires, and if I do what he asks I will feel so dirty. Also, I think if I do it he will get bolder in his requests for sick desires.

We have been through the loss of a son, and all the hardships that life brings, but I don't know if I can stay with him after this. Am I wrong? I am just so afraid that my parish will catch wind of this and ostracize us for it. Worse yet, I think that he won't mind if we are. Worse than that, I am afraid that this is just the beginning of his perversions, soon he will want to have sex with guys and coloreds and other immoral acts that are just racing around in my head.

I hope to discuss this with him over dinner on our anniversary Monday August 4, could you please play "More Than Words" between 10 and 11. I plan to bring it up right after you do, and this song has been special to us since our son passed.

>God Bless,

Jean L Scossur

For guidance in life or when you don't know what to say, just turn to a nice rhyme or tired cliche.