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Dear Dalila;

Recently, My husband has had some, well, he has had some male problems. He went to a doctor to see if it had anything to do with a freak accident that occurred to that area when the garage door opener malfunctioned and trapped him by that particular region. The doctor said it hadn't and was just the cause of the swelling, which really wasn't a problem for me.

The doctor said that the malfunction was a psychological problem--he told my husband to have patience and confidence that his "Mr. Phoenix" will rise again. The doctor later called me and told me to do everything to stroke my husbands ego, because the problem had to do with stress, his self-esteem and his confidence in his abilities as a man.

So, Dalila, I write to you to tell the world, or at least your 4 listeners, that I have never faked it with my husband. And of the 253 men I have been with--he is in the top third when it comes to size. So for my well-hung Richard, I would appreciate it if you could play "Dick Almighty" by 2 Live Crew so that the world will know it.

Sincerely Yours,

Sonja Curless

100% true and not an urban legend: If you fart in a dream, you shit yourself in real life. True story. I know a guy.