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Dear Delilah;

I love you and your show and truly appreciate all you do for us, your listeners. And I would like to help you--if I may. I would like to tell my story of a downward spiral of self-destruction in hopes of saving just one person from travelling the path I have taken.

It was Monday Night Football Night at my fraternity house my senior year and the keg had just ran dry. It was only the 2nd quarter. Instead of making a freshman go on a beer run, Vinny suggested that we each get a glass of gas and "huff" it. He showed us how and by halftime we were all goofy. We were all having the best buzz of our lives-(and thats saying something coming from my frat house).

Flash forward 4 years and I was/am still addicted to huffing gas. I just can't quit--its not like an illegal drug where if you get caught with it you are arrested and hopefully put into a detoxication program--its virtually impossible to get caught huffing and when/or if you do people just laugh at you. But I do have a serious problem and have hit bottom and am working my way back--all by myself unfortunately.

I know this sounds like a deranged country song, but because of this affliction my wife left me, she took our son, I lost my job, my life savings is being drained just trying to get by, and yes, my pickup truck was repoed. So if anyone out there thinks they can handle huffing--they are dead wrong. Its not a harmless recreational drug like marijuana, but an addictive life crumbling activity.

Please teach others about my mistake

Jess Scranoul

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