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Dear Delilah,

My name is Olsen Scajurs I am in Ms. Scransos second grade at Matthews Elementary and i do not want my daddy to leave mommy.

Every night they fight. It seems like. Daddy always yelling at mommy, mommy always crying in the bathroom--she gets so upset and sad she makes vomit even when he is not there yelling.

Ms. Scranso says that they are not fighting because of me, and that they both love me, but sometimes mommys and daddys argue to fix problems. But I after hearing them fight last night I know its my fault.

I love both them, and I know they love me, but I wish they would love each other too. I just wish that mommy could lose that weight so daddy could love her. She says that since having me she can not get her body back on track and that shes trying, but shes keeps getting bigger.

Daddy says that if something does not happen fast he is moving back to Washington to his old wife and kids and taking me. I never been to Washington and i do not like it because its rainy and do not want to leave mommy, no matter how big she is.

But I love daddy too.

Sometimes I get really sad and mad and kick Tabby in the stomach and call her ugly fatcat even though I know i should not because if I was not born mommy would still be skinny and daddy would love her and i feel better even but she meows real loud and cries when i do it.

Delilah? How can I help mommy lose all her fat so daddy will stay?

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