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Dear Delilah,

My wife and I love your show. And I just wanted to write you and tell you, that you have been an inspiration to us throughout our life together. I would also like to dedicate “Love is a Wonderful Thing” to my now official wife. For the last 7 years we have petitioned, sued and protested the Missouri government to recognize our love. No we aren’t some sick sodomites, we are just people who are in love and happen to have the same grandparents.

First of all let me say this--Yes, we are first cousins and No, our kids do not have 2 heads, 7 fingers, nor severe underbites. Thank you very much. What they do have is a loving set of parents who do not abuse them and love them unconditionally. With all the focus on gay rights and wanting to marry them, and everyone trying to stop them from doing so because it isnt natural or what god wanted; it just appalls me that something as natural, and beautiful as our love won’t be recognized as legal by our “leaders”. What we face is discrimination on the basis of creed and origin and I want to let people know that I love my wife, for who she is, not for how our ancestory has crossed. For God’s sake, in the beginning they’re were only Adam and Eve-therefore we are all related, but because our relatedness can be easily traced, we are discriminated against.

I am sorry to digress and rant, but this does disturb me. We tried to fight it all the way to the Supreme Court, but they refused to hear it. For us though we are now common law married and will do everything in our power to take advantage of the benefits of being “legally” married and will fight the IRS, our insurance company, and anyone else who will not recognize our matrimony.

Honey, I mean Mrs. Jascules, I love you,

Ron S Jascules

In my experience, no one champions civil rights like a 40 year old, 240 pound, divorced fat white bitch.