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Nobody In Particular
Pittsburg, KS
Memorial For Nobody In Particular

Ok, before you get all ecstatic about the rapture happening, and get your weapons of mass rightousness ready for the religious war that we have all been looking forward to, lets remember the education we have all had in symbolism by the foremost, non-fiction, definitive authority on the subject. Whether you read the book or watched the documentary of those real events starring Tom Hanks, we all know how important symbols are to religion.

We also know how they can be stolen, tweaked, and used for meanings completely opposite their original intention. So, when you add the specific knowledge we have gained from all those goth kids at the mall playing Dance Dance Revolution to the historical meaning of upside down crosses, the message of this dual cross memorial may not be that the apocalypse is near.

Upside-down crosses have been recently adopted as a symbol of satanism and as an ornament to wear with your black wardrobe to make your daddy mad when he grounds you from your BMW, but historically it is a Catholic symbol representing St. Peter. Without explaining much more about either of those cults or getting into a moot argument of which one is worse, lets just proceed with caution and not retreat to our compounds quite yet.

Instead of declaring full out war on those heretic athiest muslim jew heathens who want us to die just as much as we are actually making them, we should just continue to make their lives hell, not send them there. This memorial in Pittsburg, KS is a mixed message, so let's look for a confirmation before we carve swaztikas into our foreheads and get all helter skelter.

Actually, go ahead and carve that swastika. Just to get it out of the way and save some time.

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