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Francisco Favela
Cached ArticleKansas City Star NewspaperTaco Bell
Memorial For Francisco Favela

Here's a tough one. Not only do I not know who to blame for this death, I don't even know who to blame for me not knowing who to blame.The piece of shit, ass sucking, we-don't-have-to-follow-up-on-our-stories, shitty rag of a newspaper, Kansas City Star had one article about the crash that killed Francisco Favela, and it was unconclusive as hell.

It said that Francisco died in a one car accident at around 11 by smashing into the telephone pole pictured above. That's all the facts the story has. It goes on to say that police are uncertain if another car was involved or if Francisco just had a history of shitty driving which accounted for his extra banged up vehicle. That's it. If there was a police investigation the Star never reported it. If there wasn't an investigation The Star never reported why not.

Granted, speaking as the whitest of white guys, to me "Francisco Favela" sounds as mexican as a Burrito Supreme™ (which is authentic as far as I am concerned), and The Kansas City Star as well as the police department have well publicized and respected policies of giving non-whites' deaths less investigative effort than more important white deaths. But give me something to work with cocksuckers.

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