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Powhatan, ARLuke 9:23
Memorial For Jesus

This is but one in a series of Jesus crosses I drove past on Hwy 63 in Powhatan, Arkansas. All white, all with 'JESUS' written horizontally in red letters, all with 'Luke 9:23' scribbled on the bottom like an afterthought. Its like they cranked out 100 of these cocksuckers in their tool shed behind their hillybilly shack and then went spamming the Arkansas countryside with them.

And for what? Trying to raise awareness of Christ in Arkansas is like making a public service announcement reminding people to breath. Jesus polls pretty well in that part of the country. His brand recognition is up there with, uncoincidentally; Coke, McDonalds, Powerball and Wal-Mart.

Who would do that? Then I got thinking: Most likely making and shitting out a ton of Jesus crosses onto the landscape is just something the folks in Powhatan, Arkansas do to unwind after a long hard day of doing the real work of the lord--telling fags they are going to hell, stopping teen girls from getting properly vaccinated and shooting gynecologists.

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