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Memorial For Chris Eric Cooper

As a naturally callous prick, I can honestly say that the story of how Chris Cooper died was so sad it moved me to indifference. Actually, the only funny thing (as in sad funny) about this accident is that it involved the Independence, MO cops. Which allows me to embed/link to a YouTube video of a reporter getting beat up by the Independence, MO police when he went into the police station to ask for a police complaint form. Sadly, hilarious.

On to this crappy story. At about 9 p.m. on 11/8/7 Wilfredo Pujols hit a car in an intersection and speed off. The proctectors and servers of Indepence, MO get in on this and engage in a high speed case with Mr. Pujols. A couple seconds later and a mile or two away, Chris Cooper looks both ways, crosses the street and gets plowed by Pujols who came out of no where with his lights off.

The cops in pursuit don't stop the chase to help though, they thought the body in the intersection was someone who jumped from the car they were chasing. Later, when they realized that 2 people were still in the car they were chasing, they called dispatch and told them that a pedestrian might have been hit.

An hour after Chris Cooper was hit he died at the hospital. I dare you to complain to the cops about how they handled the situation.

You're 100% right--Violence solves a lot of problems. Of course its best to first threaten and graphically explain said violence. Use jason@porkjerky.com to start the process on me.