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Dear Delilah;

There is a certain picture that exists of me that is very unflattering if you know what I mean. I was young and really ignorant of what I was doing. I am not proud of it, but it's out there and there's really nothing I can do about it. But that is neither here nor there. This picture of me is well know by all my friends and family, and is kept by my mother above her Craftmatic Adjustable Bed. A short time ago I received a disgusting picture that was downloaded from some Web Site devoted to deviant sexual behaviors. This was sent to me from a friend who got it from a friend, who got it from another who had been messing around on the internet.

The picture I received from him is not the picture of me that I first told you about, it is a picture of a middle aged nude woman posing in a sultry position on a bed that has been folded and contoured very similar to the options available with a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed. On the wall that is in this photograph, which looks very similar to my mothers bedroom wall, is a picture. It is not completely in focus in the photograph, but it does seem to be the picture of me which I first told you about and it is situated very similarly to the way my mother keeps the picture of me in her bedroom.

Further the lady's face in the picture is blocked out, but the hairstyle and body type could easily be my mothers. Also, the 'Gratuitous Grandma' (per the photo's caption) has a scar that I believe is what would be created by a hysterectomy. Which my mother has had, although I have not seen her scar, so I can't be for certain.

Delilah, I am very certain/scared that the picture I received on the Internet is a picture of my nude mother taken by some dirty man who seduced her over the Internet. My stomach is in knots, both by the disgust of seeing that picture and knowing what my mother is doing behind my father's back. I have not confronted my mother and I don't know if I should. I have snooped around on her computer and found some other evidence that I really cant go into that leads me to believe she is heavily into this Internet sex. I have so many problems.

Should I tell my dad and risk him leaving my mother because he surely would since he is a devote Muslim (he converted)? Should I confront my mom and surely change our relationship forever, of course I have already changed it a little? What should I tell my friends who are surely circulating this picture of her around the world? I just know someone will confront my mom, should it be me? I just don't know. I hope she is using rubbers. I cant believe I actually had to say that about mother.

What should I do?

Lou J Cressans

In lieu of being able to score touchdowns, knock people out, hit home runs or even bomb dark-skinned populated nations; god has blessed me with the strength and knowledge to write HTML. I do these pages in his honor. Amen.